Article no.: HUS Acetone

Acetone is a core product for HELM and is distributed within North America and South America to a wide range of customers, mainly being used as a solvent.

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Acetone is produced as a by-product of phenol. It is largely viewed as a “simple chemical” meaning that it requires no special handling or storage. Acetone is normally available in three grades including Standard for general use, National Formulary (NF) that meets or exceed the requirements of the U.S. National Formulary and Low Water for application that are sensitive to water, such as pharmaceuticals.

Examples of applications

  • Production of methyl methacrylate (MMA)
  • Production of bisphenol-A (BPA)
  • Production of esters
  • Pharmaceuticals (as a carrying agent)
  • Solvents (as a cleaning/thinning agent)


  • Bulk in ocean vessels and barges
  • Bulk in rail tank cars
  • Bulk in road tank trucks
  • Bulk in isotank containers
  • Full dry van shipments of 80 drums or 20 IBC’s (by special request)

Other packaging solutions possible by agreement.


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