In the United States HELM is the exclusive marketer for the Bisphenol-A produced by Covestro LLC in Baytown, TX.


HELM is marketing Bisphenol-A worldwide, which is an important raw material for the production of polycarbonate and epoxy resins.

Bisphenol-A is produced from of phenol and acetone and is used in the polycarbonate- and epoxy-resin-industry. Because of the importance of its field of applications, Bisphenol-A is produced worldwide. The product is available in prills and is typically packed in rail-hopper-cars, hopper-trucks and smaller or big bags. HELM is a reliable partner in Bisphenol-A, because of our long lasting experience in the product. As HELM is also active in acetone and phenol, HELM has a very good market overview about the development in Bisphenol-A.

Examples of applications

Bisphenol-A is used in the production of polycarbonate (eyeglass lenses, CD and DVD, water bottles). Furthermore in the production of epoxy resins (industrial floorings, powder coating and sealants).


  • Rail-hopper-cars
  • Bulk-hopper-trucks
  • 1,000 kg or 500 kg super sacks
  • 25 kg bags


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