Ethyl acetate

Ethyl acetate plays an important role in the production of paints and lacquers. In addition, it is used in the production of adhesives as well as in the pharmaceutical sector.


Ethyl acetate, in short: Ethac – is a flammable, colorless and liquid solvent that is traded in large quantities. There are two main production routes to produce Ethyl acetate: the Ethanol or Ethylene-based process. In both processes, Acetic acid is also required as a raw material.  HELM has a significant position in the Ethyl acetate business due to structural marketing contracts with long-standing and reliable suppliers as well as the corresponding "tank set-ups".

Examples of applications

Ethyl acetate is used in industrial applications as an extraction agent and/or as a process aid in the production of paints, lacquers, thinners and coatings. Furthermore, Ethyl acetate is used in the production of printing inks as well as in the packaging sector, but also in the production of adhesives. Additional applications: pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care products.


  • Lots in sea and barges
  • Lots in rail tank wagons
  • Lots in trucks
  • Lots in iso tank containers

Bio Alternative

To promote sustainability in production and consumption, bio-based alternatives are of great importance. HELM AG has succeeded in establishing a supply chain for bio-based Ethyl acetate, in short: Bio Ethac - whose production is not based on fossil raw materials, but on 100% renewable raw materials. Due to the high quality of the product, which is insured by a variety of certifications, conventional Ethac can be replaced directly by Bio Ethac.