HELM – a Family-Owned Company Limited by Shares under German Law

Dieter Schnabel, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

In 1950, Hermann Schnabel acquired the Company from Karl Otto Helm, focused on chemicals trading and thus initiated the Company’s successful business development.
He ran the Company until 1984, when he passed it on to his son, Dieter Schnabel, who then ran and successfully developed the Company for 28 years.
In 2012 Dieter Schnabel changed positions from CEO to Chairman of the Supervisory Board.
Today, Stephan Schnabel is a third-generation member of the Executive Board, responsible for the Crop Protection business unit.

The Company has remained firmly in family hands since 1950. 

Typical advantages of a family-owned enterprise are continuity and sustainability in its decision-making, since it can develop successfully without the frequently short-term objectives and interests of public limited companies. Knee-jerk “activism” driven by quarterly figures is certainly not typical for HELM AG:
Our company thinks and acts in generations – not in quarters.

A strict reinvestment policy ensures that the earnings we generate remain in the Company. This reinforces the level of reserves, provides the Group with a high equity ratio and thus secures its independence. This means that its decision-making sovereignty is preserved, and the Company can develop sustainably on its own without having to rely on others. Over the past decades, HELM has delivered compelling evidence that this is the correct approach to follow.