Business Development & Licensing

The task of business development is to pave the way "from idea to product".

Annette Eschler

Annette Eschler

Executive Manager

Phone +49 40 2375-1460

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Business Development & Licensing with its five functions Portfolio Management, Market Intelligence, Patent Affairs, Global Sourcing and Licensing identifies portfolio opportunities on both a client and market level and is responsible for the world wide out licensing of the respective development pipeline.

The main objective is the generation of a balanced portfolio consisting of standard “in time to market” generics and differentiated products (in the “off patent” molecule sector), fully aligned with our customers’ strategies and needs.

Thereby we are able to create “win-win” scenarios, which will result in mutually benefitting and sustainable market positions and will form the basis for long-term partnerships.

The Licensing Team is your central point of contact for all licensing activities at the business unit Pharma.